Taking into account the commercial interests of the companies regarding the Italian market, FORMAITALIA has a network of professionals in each specific sector and follows an action methodology:


  • Constant communication with client, offering a personal consultant.
  • Understanding the client’s needs and interests, and offer relevant legal and economic information for their Business Plan.
  • Adapt to the company’s specific requirements regarding their business in the Italian market.
  • Perform a preventive and effective counseling in order to avoid possible administrative barriers and/or hypothetical foreign judicial procedures.


  • Director: Alfredo Izquierdo, Spanish and Italian lawyer established in Milan, Italy.
  • Consultant: international lawyer assigned to the client, responsible for its commercial interests. The client company may contact its assigned consultant via telephone, e-mail or fax. Requests shall be answered within 48hours at the most.
  • Avvocati: group of Italian lawyers in charge of the legal assessment of the details of each case. They act following the instructions and coordination of the Consultant.
  • Commercialisti: Italian economists in charge of the accounting and tax/fiscal assistance. Their main function is to manage periodically these areas for the companies. They also perform preventive counseling for those issues of economic importance, relating the Italian Tax Authorities.
  • Consulenti del Lavoro: Italian lawyers experts in labor law matters, which will perform assistance on the issue whenever its necessary.